Motorcycle training Bad Mergentheim

Indoor motorcycle training in Baden-Württemberg

Our motorcycle training in Bad Mergentheim is the perfect training for ALL motorcyclists who want to improve their riding technique or “get rid of rust” before the new motorcycle season.

It is not supermoto training - but Roland Resch himself completed countless laps in the hall in this way for his supermoto national championship title. Drift training would also not be correct, because during this motorcycle training at the Burgparkring kart track in Bad Mergentheim we have the opportunity to learn to control front and rear wheel skids.

We don't look at the style, but rather at the right driving technique, which you can take with you on the road. We deliberately do NOT ride on pit bikes but on 125cc motorcycles, which also accommodate riders over 1.90 m tall.

During our motorcycle training in Bad Mergentheim, you will learn how to position your body correctly and maintain your balance on the motorcycle. Of course, this type of training is also a lot of fun for every motorcyclist.

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“Thanks to the low power of the TT-R 125, we minimize the risk of injury. Due to the large tire dimensions we can imitate the driving dynamics of large motorcycles on the road or a racetrack. The rider has to work more active with body tension as the motorcycle becomes easily unstable without guidance. This creates a learning effect from which every driver benefits greatly when switching to their usual motorbike.”

Drivers requirements for participating at the Bad Mergentheim motorcycle training:

In the hall you ride on a special, slippery surface on which the bike starts to slide relatively early. For this reason, every driver should at least know the basics like shifting and braking and be motivated to move in order to enjoy the fun to the fullest. A driver's license is NOT necessary to participate. For underage drivers, the consent of a legal guardian is required.

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Indoor training

150€ savings!
250€ savings!
600€ savings!

all 9 bikes - up to 18 riders, closed event, appointment via +49 151 574 123 50

Save up to 160€/driver!
*tax deductible

The upgrade from the first motorcycle training in Bad Mergentheim to any block or pass is possible within 3 months after the first training. Each block/pass is only valid for one person and CANNOT be shared between multiple people. Training sessions do not expire and can be redeemed over two or more seasons.


Motorcycle training with rental motorcycle

Mix packages, upgrades, multiple drivers

Book your first training session as an individual training session and then contact us for the mixed package/upgrade - we will then book the package for you. An upgrade is possible within 3 months of your first booking. If you want to book a training session for 2 or more people, please send us an email to info(at) - the booking tool only lets you in for an appointment once with a name 😉

You can also attend our other training courses, such as the SSP training, and make use of a so-called MIX package. Since the VAT rate is different in austria and germany, please contact us personally to arrange this.

Indoor motorcycle training with your own bike, youth promotion or group events

Sunday, June 18

Summer break, appointments only possible on request for groups.

Saturday, September 23

Saturday, October 14

Friday, October 20

Saturday, October 28

The new indoor season starts at the end of October, and from now on there will be regular dates again.



your instructor at the motorcycle training Bad Mergentheim: Rainer Schiefermeyer

Rainer found his calling in karting at the age of 10 and then, via automobile racing, he also got onto the racetrack on a motorcycle. In addition to his education as a slalom race director at the DMSB, Rainer has been active in the club as a sports director and race director in the Baden region for years. In 2019, he made his way to vienna to watch Roland Resch's famous indoor motorcycle training. After these three hours, he was so enthusiastic about the training concept that he absolutely wanted to bring the concept to germany. 

So, despite the pandemic, we worked together on the realization of the first joint Motorradtraining GmbH indoor location in germany. In february 2022 the time had come - together we are looking forward to bringing you a piece of real racing culture and driving technique at its finest to Baden-Württemberg at the Burgparkring kart track with our Bad Mergentheim motorcycle training. Your feedback after the first training sessions successfully let us forget the bureaucratic challenges and confirms our motivation to be able to offer you a very special motorcycle training for the winter months. 


“Your steep learning curves, the warm feedback, the many first kneedowns, numerous AHA experiences and the fact that so many of you have already become enthusiastic repeaters at the motorcycle training in Bad Mergentheim fulfill me genuine joy! See you soon.” Rainer Schiefermeyer

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Customer testimonials

this motorcycle training concept is awesome

It has been incredibly valuable 3 hours. My muscles are still sore. Rainer helped us to make huge progress in such a short time with individual tips and corrections. Next time we will come to Bad Mergentheim with reinforcements for the indoor motorcycle training!

Yeah - finally in Bad Mergentheim

Roland Resch's motorcycle training concept is now available in Bad Mergentheim. You make it really easy for riders: just bring your clothes and drive with all your energy for 3 hours, learn to recognize slides early and work on your own weak points. I still have sore muscles today.

great support, high learning effect

I definitely had a lot of fun today at the motorcycle training in Bad Mergentheim. Great support and a really great learning experience. The bike punishes small mistakes straight away 😅, and big ones too. I'll definitely be back 👍.

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Austria does not actively support motorsports enthusiasts - Roland himself has experienced this time and again. It is therefore important to us personally to support young racing drivers within our framework: individual driver coaching with a -50% discount on the individual training price. Exclusively for young racing drivers up to 22 years of age who have an active LICENSE. Can only be redeemed by the driver himself.

INFO: we carry out driving technique training, i.e. behavior like on the race track towards other participants will not be tolerated and can lead to exclusion from training!